Russian CEO defending his copying rights

I just posted the article Russian CEO defending his copying rights.

On another article at C|Net’s News.Com we can read how the Russian Alexander Katalov is defending his copying rights after cracking protections on Adobe Systems’ e-books.

The Russian company…

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My Russian friends always make me proud!!!

One can only hope the plain common sense breaks through.

Since this software was actually written in Russia, where the laws are not completely insane, I don’t see how the USA has any juristicition over this. The USA has no right to bully or harass the citizens of other nations for no reason, nor does it have any right unilaterally pass new world laws.

to IVstalin… The US government is that full of its own piss and importance that it’s put iraq on notice for invasion a YEAR in advance…good 'ol george dubbya…warmonger or patriot ???..:7

Even though I am against my country’s stupid actions, I think the fact that the guy was in US terroritory is what fucked him :frowning: Best of luck fighting the DMCA Katalov!

Sheriff: Neither. He is just someone trying to do what he feels needs to be done. Why don’t you write him a letter if you dislike his actions, personally I think he did the right thing. “If you can’t root for the home team, get the hell out of the stadium” -Stan (South Park)