Russian Allofmp3 website shut down

I just posted the article Russian Allofmp3 website shut down.

After years of music industries from the US and UK filing one lawsuit after another against and trying to bring it down, it looks like they have finally got their victory. So far,…

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Its Back Up at :wink:

Yes but they have opened a new company at They are just going to move on and on.

So what happens to our money in our accounts from i had about £6 (20,000 Albums…lol) isn’t with ROM anymore either. I don’t recall the digital rights mngt they are with, but it’s one that’s used elsewhere in Europe. mp3Sparks transferred balances from aomp3. Just log on as usual. They aren’t taking payment from U.S. customers anymore. Some are getting around it using TOR. I guess censorship has come to the U.S.

Cant log-in , they can send me my username and password from allofmp3 but it wont login

People, just go away and use something like usenet, with a cheap block account. This is were all these sites are getting their music from anyway.