Russia blocks entire Wikipedia while awaiting removal of drugs article



We’ve just posted the following news: Russia blocks entire Wikipedia while awaiting removal of drugs article[newsimage][/newsimage]

Russian internet providers have to block access to the local version of Wikipedia because the site hosts an article about hash. The media authority Roskomnadzor has decided the entire Russian Wikipedia has to be blocked until the page is removed.

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Sheesh… talk about overkill. :rolleyes:

One article they don’t like and they block the entire site for everyone in the country.



A few years ago the Internet Watch Foundation blacklisted Wikipedia for distributing child pornography. :eek:

The image in question was the cover of an album released by a major record label in 1976. It was certainly a controversial piece of artwork, but it had been in the mainstream public domain for over 30 years.


What Russia needs to block is Putin.


Russia should just as well block the entire web from the people of Russia if the only basis is for one article on how to make hash …the people only have to google it to come up with hundreds of results what a bunch of BS.:rolleyes: