Runtime errror


I am new on this forum.
This morning i start DVDFab5.2 and then it give an error, Runtime Library.
I see this for the first time.
The qestion is: What can i do of this probleem?

Sorry for my mistake of the Englisch.
I am not so good in it, I am Dutch I am tray to do my best.


Please try the new version.


Hello ting,

Thanks for your answer, I sal tray it.

Have a nice day

Hello ting,

I have now instal the new version 5.25 and it work now normal.

Thank you for the help.

I ran into the same problem myself, I disabled “check for new version” and I never got the error back

I hadn’t used the software in a while, so I don’t know what has caused it, but I am having the same problem as of today. I am still able to use the version 4, but I am gettting the exact same thing as above with version 5, Thanks

I just updated and everything is working again…