Runs & runs but can't access

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-5540A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have the AD-5560A but that’s not on the list. loaded CD previously written on this drive to backup data…a number of times. Inserted same CD, drive runs continuously, non-stop, system says it’s there but cannot access. Any similar experiences out there with this drive installed on a Dell 1720 Inspiron?

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What happens when you put a DVD in? If it works with a DVD there are 2 lasers. One for CD’s and one for DVD’s. The CD laser [B]might[/B] be shot. You might try uninstalling the IDE Channel in Device Manager and rebooting.

Thanks for your reply but this got fixed today though I’m not sure what did the trick. This started when I put in the CD-RW disc used for backing up Quicken data files. Did this insertion 2X, drive ran on and I could not get a file list. Today I was able to format a DVD-RW disc, was able to write and read an excel file but could not backup the Quicken file. Just for the heck of it I removed the DVD-RW disc, inserted the problem CD-RW disc and it was suddenly back in operation. A list of previously backed up files appeared and I was able to do a successful file backup. Go figure! Leaves me a little concerned should restoring the backup be necessary.

Well if it happens again try booting from say a Windows OS CD disc. If it was a regular pc drive i recommend trying it in another pc. If you know someone with a lappy you could try that too if the drive will install in it fine IDE/SATA or using an adapter with a pc.