Running two copies of ISOBuster at the same time

When I extract MPG files from a VCD with either Lite-on LDW-811S (a DVD writer) or Lite-on XJ-166S (a DVD-ROM drive), the extraction speed is very fast, just as expected. But if I run two copies of ISOBuster at the same time to extract from two VCD’s, one in each drive, the extraction speed of one of the drives would be about 1/6th of the full speed. The DVD writer is connected to the primary IDE channel as the master, and the DVD-ROM drive to the secondary IDE channel as the master. There is no slave device. My only harddrive is a Serial ATA drive, which is connected to the SATA port. Extraction speed is not limited by the transfer rate of the harddrive, since the sustained write speed of the harddrive is more than 25MB/s. I used the default setting of ISOBuster.

Is there some setting in ISOBuster that would allow me to run two copies of the program and extract at full speed from 2 VCD’s at the same time?

Thanks for your help in advance.


i think it will be the hard disk as it has to keep poping back & forward writing 2 files in different places at the same time.

As Da Sheep said, your HD is spending more time moving between the 2 files its writing than actually writing them. Either get 2 HD’s and write one file to each or just do 1 at a time, its actually quicker that way as you found.

Thanks for your replies, Da Sheep and ChickenMan. I was only thinking in terms of sequential write speed and completely forgot that the disk head had to move back and forth between two locations. Thanks again for your help.