Running DVDFab from command line



How do I use DVDFab command line switches?


I am guessing that you are referring to DVDFab Decrypter. I don’t use that, but others do so maybe they will see your question. Just wanted to let you know that someone read your thread and that it stays on the 1st page.



It might help if you would go into a little more detail then more people would know what you are talking about :bigsmile:


if you look in the installation directory there is a readme.txt. it contains the limited, but existing, command line switches for DVDFab.

  1. Command Line Switches___________________(You can get a basic version of this list via ‘DVDFab.exe /?’)/MODE <FULLDISC | MAINMOVIE | SPLIT | CUSTOMIZE | CUSTOMIZESPLIT | CLONE | MERGE | WRITEDATA| GENERIC | IPOD | PSP | ZUNE | NDS | XBOX360 | PS3 | CELLPHONE | PVP | PDA>Used to tell the program which menu item in the left navigation bar should be selected./SRC <"<Folder Name>" | “<File Name>”>Used to select the source folder or image file.Folder Name is the VIDEO_TS folder path on DVD disc or hard disk. File Name is the iso file’s path on hard disk.Examples: /SRC “D:\VIDEO_TS"In CLONE mode, only the path of DVD disc can be set./DEST <”<Folder Name>" | “<File Name>“Used to select the destination folder or image file.Folder Name is the output folder path on hard disk.File Name is the iso file’s path on hard disk.Examples: /DEST “C:\My DVD”/CLOSEUsed to close the program when the conversion process has finished.Basically, it just presses the ‘Close’ button for you!/PATHPLAYER Used to force enable PathPlayer for current session./TITLE <AUTO | 1 | MINTIME 40>Used to select title(s).AUTO selects the default one.Digit(1,2…) selects the specific title.MINTIME selects title(s) which are longer than specific minutes (like 40)./PROFILE <”<filename>”>Used to set profile name for mobile conversion./REMOVEDTS <YES | NO>Used to allow the user to prevent copying the DTS audio track if one exists./REMOVEMENU <YES | NO>Used to delete the DVD menus./REWIND <YES | NO>Used to play the selected titles in a continuous loop./CHANGEPLAYORDER <YES | NO>Used to allow you to change the way your backup copy behaves when put in a player./JUMPMENUUsed to have the player start at the first menu./JUMPMAINUsed to jump to the beginning of the movie./REMOVEPGC <YES | NO>Used to remove the annoying short bits of video that precede the movie (like the FBI warning and copyright notices in 4 languages)/VOLUME <"<DVD_VOLUME>">Used to specify volume name./OUTDISC <DVD5 | DVD9> Used to specify output size./COPYIFO <YES | NO>Used to copy the original disc’s IFO files exactly in CLONE mode.


This thread is almost 7 months old now so maybe he got it