Running CloneDVD Moble multiple times

If I run CloneDVDMoble a second time without a reboot. I have a resolution problem when I select ipod 5. The first time I get a max resolution of 640 x 480. After that I can only get 640 x 360. Is this a known issue.

I’ve had 2 copy’s of CloneDVD mobile running before, as I had 2 DVD’s I wanted to convert to avi’s. Seeing as I had a dual core and memcoder doesn’t know how to use more then 1 core, it worked fine and saved time :). Also I didn’t have the problem with the resolutions which you are describing so im not sure what is causing this for you. Though its possible that it happens with the ipod setting as I was using the dvix option.

The resolution types 640x480 / 640x360 merely depend on the aspect ratio of the input video.
So you probably first selected a title as input with 4:3 video and 16:9 the second time.
If you’d convert a 16:9 title to 640x480, it would be stretched vertically.
So nothing to worry about - everything’s fine :wink:

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