Running burned cd on different computer

I recently purchased a cd burner…came with Nero Express.
I installed in my home computer, then copied some jpg’s onto the CD.
I tried to open these files on the CD with my computer at work…it has a high speed line…was going to send the jpg’s to someone from there.
Got an error message saying that my computer was not capable of reading MRW format.
Is there a way of configuring the Nero so this error does not re-occur?
Thx in advance


google serch MRW format = Mt Raider = your pc at work does not read Mt raider discs

Either install Easywrite Reader 4 on your work PC (available from the Nero web site here), or don’t allow InCD to use Mount Rainier mode (read the help file).

A further alternative is to use the main Nero Express program and not InCD - mastered CDs don’t suffer from this compatibility problem.