Running BenQ1620 as slave

Hello guys.

I have a Philips 8631 DVDRW set as MASTER, but I also have a brand-new BenQ1620. Is it possible for me to attach the BenQ as slave? Would it still burn @ 4x?

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im using my benq 1620 as a slave


What kind of burns are you getting? Are they 4x or 8x?



The 1620 on either channel as slave should be fine… There’s been “way-to-much” made of this master/slave thing…


Thanks guys!

I’ll give it a shot this week.



I have burned dvds with my benq 1620 at 4x and at 8x with no problems. When I try at 12x, my scans with cd/dvd speed doesnt look very good.

Thanks mate.

  • MJ

Hi guys.

I installed the BenQ1620 as slave tonight – works quite well. I was able to burn a MXLRG03 disc no problem @ 8x.

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I have burned a good number of dvd at all speeds upto 16x and have no problem at all , my benq 1620 is slave on my mb ide#2 cable with my lg 4163b as master, both drives work fine. my plextor 716a is on ide#1 as master with no slave.

What is the motherboard you’re using, KenW?

WinXP Pro SP2 / intel D845BGL / P4_2.4a 512k L2 Northwood
1GB DDR / Maxtor 80GB,20GB HDD / ATI Radeon 9600 128mb / Audigy2

Curious. The only difference between your system and mine is I don’t have a P4 but a Celeron (with that processor speed) and my board is an 845PE.

My benQ is set as slave on the secondary channel and I am getting very good burns.

Slaved to my Pioneer 108 and using the Nvidia drivers (that some people seem to loathe) I have zero problems burning at 16x (on my expensive new MCC004 media :slight_smile: ).