Running a website off my pc

Hi, I wanted to know how I could run a simple website off my PC.

I downloaded the trial of Small http server and I thought I could use this to host my site but I can only access this over m LAN network.

Is there a software that would let me host a website off my pc and be able to view it online.

Any help would be appreciated.
Free and small, keep in mind that you need to forward port 80 if you have a router (a box that shares internet). If you have a non public ip and cannot access the router there’s no way hosting a public http server. Keep in mind that some ISPs blocks port 80.

Or… open up port 80 in your firewall for incoming traffic.

Thanks for the info guys and the links I shall try and get the thing up and running. :slight_smile:

Hi DiiZzY, do I need to set up a re-direct util like for ppl to be able to view my site?

I have set up a basic page just to test it and I can test it locally using ip of but how can the rest of the World see my site.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I should think that they’ll never see the site unless there’s some kind of DNS registration…i.e. a server that knows is at IP address There are some tools to do this though I think, try running a search for DNS Registration. There’s a bit more to the running a website off your PC than you might think. You might like to look in your ISPs terms and conditions to see whether they allow you to do it.

This site can let you self-host your web server.

Thanks for the info ww1912 I shall check out that site. :slight_smile:


I hope my ISP doesnt block me from having a web server that would suck. :frowning:

Well you can always run the webserver on a different port (10080 for instance) and get a free domain at services like that is forwarded to http://youriphere:10080. That works and is for free!


Thanks for the advice I really appreciate that tip.

Does anyone know if Small http server v3.04 can be used to run a website off your pc that can be seen by the big wide World???

No prob mate!

Small http server is just a webserver that runs on p80. It doesn’t know if the traffic comes from outside or inside the network, so there should be no problems there. Just use an external IP (with forwarding, if not connected directly to the net) and the proper (forwarded) port…

If you have windows xp pro edition all you have to do is install “IIS”. Control Panel -> Add/remove programs -> windows components -> Internet Information Services.

After that installs go to “Administrative tools” in control panel, and setup up your home directory, port, ip for your site(most isps block port 80 so try a different one). On your C:/ drive there will be a new folder created called “Inetpub”, and in that folder is called “wwwroot” that is where you will place your website pages (html, asp etc…)

To run your site open a browser and type "http://localhost/yourhtmlname.html to run it.

99% of ISP’s do not allow using a residential account for running any type of servers including web ones. That’s what the expensive business accounts are for :wink: Be careful you don’t end up getting your account disabled. :rolleyes:

@Dee-ehn, chobo & Ssseth

Thank you so much guys for your help and advice.

I do have use WinRoute to Route my internet connection to my other machines so I will need to port forward.

I guess I could use port 81 or anther port to host my site if at all possible.

PS: Sorry for the delay in replying I have been really busy at work of late but I really do appreciate your help and input on this subject.

Sorry to be a pain but if this method fails does any one know where int the U.K I cant buy some reasonable webspace that fullly supports php plus domain name. I was thinking of buying a domain name and wondered on some competitive prices.

Thanks again guys.

If you want to test some of your html files on a quick webserver , try SimpleWWW server. It’s only 187kilobytes :slight_smile:

That for that tip Mr. Belvedere I shall give that a try.

I also have a very quick question which may sound dumb but…

I use WinRoute to route my internet connect to the other machines in my network, what protocol should I use to forward to port 80. TCP?

Yes, HTTP (www servers) uses TCP.

Thanks DiiZzy. :slight_smile: