Running a Web Site from my Home server

Hi, can any1 help me out here i would like to have a web site linked off my hdd as i have a permenent cable connection. I already have my own server set up but wanted to know if it could b used for websites hosting to.

Also i want to start a forum and i wanted to no if i could use my own pc to host it as the forum tools that i d/l require 20 meg of webspace and i thought i could use my hdd space instead i am running win2kpro pls some1 help me out here.

Thanx in advance.

hmmmmmm… lets ask jeeves!

some good stuff there… check the ‘How do I set up an apache server’

Win2K has a webserver built in!

It is not the best (Apache is better), but it is not that hard to set up, you can run UBB on it too (

does it have perl too?

You can use ActiveState for that.
When you install that you can run cgi scripts on your webserver (IIS5)

A link to that is mentioned somewhere in the tutorial of Infopop that Taxman mentioned.

Thanx for the input guys are some really helpful gides here do i need a redirect url such as in order to point it to my hdd server or something els.

Your valuable help is much appreciated.

You can also get a name like:

No banners and no popups.

Used with a cable provider that randomly gives you a new IP you need to run a little program on your PC, which you can find on their site too. That little program will automatically update the redirect URL whenever you get assigned a new IP.

Thanx smart i was going to use dns2go but this looks like a good tool too.

Thanx for all ur help smart and Da_Taxman and not forgeting usa_dewd without whom i dont know what i would have done.

Hehe I found a Apache version, which supports both PHP, MySQL and Perl, just find it on this page

Thanx lost dude ill check out that link.

Your welcome if u cant find it plz PM me and I will send it to u :slight_smile: I dont have it on my puter right now but can get it cause I need to format my harddrive tomorrow that motherf***** deleted 10 of my new movies (which I didnt had backuped yet), same goes for music etc etc all kinds of various programs when I ran Scandisk in the good old DOS. It also said that my harddrive was full of bad sectors :confused:

But glad to help when I can, even though my programming skills ain’t the best sniff sniff

Can some1 pls tell me what perl means pls and y i need it.


What is perl? click that should answer most your questions.

Why do you need it? you don’t NEED it, but it makes building your website much easier. There are tons of free cgi scripts availiable… Just search for free CGI scripts.

thanx 4 the info and link use_dewd ill check it out.