Running a PAL game on an NTSC TV (particularly PS1)?



Hello. I have some PAL games (on CD-R & one on pressed CD) and live in the US, so all of my set-up is US, besides my Game Enhancer to play CD-Rs & non-US games on my PS1 (SCPH-7501).

My question is: Since my TV cannot handle a PAL signal, is there a way to convert the game over to NTSC format? This particular game (Wipeout 3: Special Edition) isn’t available in the US or Japan, so my only option is the PAL version. What do I need to do, besides using a Game Enhancer, to get it to boot and work fine in my PS1?

Perhaps finding a way to patch an MDS/MDF Alcohol 120% image will work? If this is what needs to be done, how can it be done? Thanks…

PS: Are there solutions for other consoles yet, like Dreamcast games that are PAL-only, SEGA Saturn games, PS2 games, Gamecube, Xbox, etc.?


i have tryed ntsc to pal converters which patch the iso’s i tend to find that screen position is off and the bottom of the screen is cut off

link ntsc to pal pal to ntsc


I’ve seen VCRs which can convert from one to the other, and I’m pretty sure that you can just use it as a converter box… so the PAL signal goes in, and an NTSC signal comes out. I don’t know where my friend got his, but I know that they’re out there.