Running a Helmet Camera to a PVR


I have a 580 line Helmet Camera with Yellow composite feed. I am attaching this to my microlight wing for filming cocpit duting flight from the wing, then editing into DVD videos , just to capture trips round France and Scotland so that when I am old I can remember the day :). This works 100% when using a DV tape camcorder. However , I would really like to set up a touch screed PVR recorder that I can mount in the cockpit. I was thinking of something like the Archos 605.

Here’s the rub- I can’t get answers to the following:doh: and when I do I don’t understand the answers .

Can I take an AV in feed to PVR ? Which PVR’s could take feed?
Camera is 580 line Pal format, what resoultion and format would be recorded to the PVR ? i.e. 480 * 600 @ 30 FPS - Is this lower or higher quality than 580 line PAL.
I understand AVI format I think - What is recording in Composite to Mpeg 4 ? (Does that make any sense?)

Ideal PVR - Would allow composite feed allow for above 10 hours of recording and have ability to take a portable charger - (Microlight runs on 12V system).

Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas :bow: