Runaway jury copy prob

I am using clone dvd and anydvd software, and both seem to be working fine. I have tried to copy the movie “runaway jury” from 3 different originals, all of which stall and give a read sector error at exactly 82%… all in the same place too. All 3 originals are clean and in good condition, any ideas to get it to work?

try dvd shrink and see what you get.

I had no problems with the widescreen version. I used DVDecrypter (free) to rip the disc, CloneDVD2 to pre-process the files to remove trailers, and then DVD Rebuilder to re-encode it to 4.37 gig.

tried dvd shrink, same type of prob.

i think that perhaps i just got a bad batch of movies from the local video store… i’ll try another copy from a different place