Run Traitors Gate with D-Tools

Hi. Im looking for a way to run Traitors Gate which has CD-Cops 1.64 protecion from ISO’s on my hd. I saw this page where someone said he had made a backup of this game. I just wonder, how? I tried the CD Cops decrypter, but the game still tells me to insert cd 1 even though it’s mounted with d-tools. What can I do?

Fully working copies (i.e no emulation) of cd-cops protected cds are so rare that they can pretty much be classed as flukes. Those who were successful invariably burnt their images to Kodak Gold cdrs which haven’t been manufactured for 2 to 3 years so that option is out.

Your best bet is to copy your original cd using alcohol with cd-cops datatype settings and then to run the game from the back-up copy with RMPS emulation enabled in alcohol’s emulation options. However, although that method will provide the greatest chance of success, it is by no means guaranteed.

The alternative is to make an image with alcohol with cd-cops datatype settings and then mount that image on an alcohol or daemon tools virtual drive. This may work though your chances are somewhat less than with a physical RMPS emulation copy.

Good luck. (You’ll probably need it. :wink: )