Run for Speed Where is the limit!

Just a simple observation:

It started with 1x
then we had:
2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x STOP no 64X

but 40, 48, and…?
is the actual technology reaching it’s limit? the answer seams to YES it lokkslike that!
So it’s not justifiable to spend money in such little progresses. let’s focre them to bring up the next generation. DVD (RW) isn’t mature yet…
What’s comming next? :bigsmile:

any body interrested ?
Maybe I have to change to different forum with this thread, it isn’t specifically liteon but it could be every where.

Some answers from developpers at liteon could be a great way to learn more!.:slight_smile:

I think the drives are getting so fast that there is danger of causing the disk itself to explode from being rotated too fast. I’ve heard of this happening in a couple instances on some of the faster drives with a damaged disk. It makes a mess, might destroy the drive and is dangerous. Do you really want to risk an explosion in your computer? Isn’t 52x fast enough for you?

If the rumors are true there will be a Lite-On 52/32/52!

And writing is different then reading.
If I’m correct the danger of exploding discs is much smaller at writing then at reading.

Can anyone confirm this?

When writing at 52x, the disc will spin at 12.000rpm for 2’30". When reading, the disc might spin at this speed much longer (e.g. the playdisc of a game). Then of course the chance is higher that it explodes during reading.

I’m sceptical regarding the possibility of the disks to explode. Have you tried to breake a CD? It’s very very hard!
The only thing I can imagine is that if the disk is unbalanced then at high speed the spindle mechanism could vibrate and breake if not robust enought.

Increasing the Speed was the easiest way to increase the performence but there are other means.

And Tremo No 52x is not enougth! Ten years ago you were happy with 5 megabytes hard disk!