Rumour has it

… Plextor is working on a Premium 716 or something. Has anybody had a look in the glass bowl recently?

gold plated interface for better data tranfer? Painted red so it writes faster (maybe 18x)?

That rumour may have originated in this forum and I might have been the culprit:

However already to months or so ago the glass bowl said there will be a new model announced in August/September. Not much facts to go with back then but in hindsight with the new chipsets now arriving on the market and offering 16x RAM and other goodies (for example: the possibility seems relatively real.

Well if Plextor is reading this, since I know they watch here, I think the new drive should have dvd-ram, lightscribe, and 52x cdr burning.

That they are working a new drive is really nothing you need rumors for… they just have to if they don’t want to follow Yamaha…

In my opinion, Yamaha did just the right thing … the DVD writer competition is even more ruinous (to say the least) than the CD writer competition has ever been … I guess Yamaha just foresaw the market development and retired with a decent CD writer unit.

I said “rumour has it”, not humour has it :iagree: