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I am very proud to tell you that as of the next release (TL48), TWILIGHT will also be available on DVD !
This does NOT mean that the 2CD will stop but now you can choose which one you want. In the future the 2CD will stop and TWILIGHT will continue only on DVD but when this will be is not sure.

What is a DVD ?
DVD is the next generation CD. It looks like a CD but it can hold 4700 MB of data which is 7 times as much as a normal CD. This means that the TWILIGHT DVD will have the same games and apps as the 2CD and still have room for 5 CDs left !! This space will be used for more games, more apps, sound-addons, video-addons, full CD-versions of games and apps and much, much more ! As you can see the DVD is the TWILIGHT to choose. The only requirement is that you have a DVD-ROM drive in your PC. Most modern PCs have this drive as a standard feature. If you don't have a DVD-ROM drive in your PC then you can easily upgrade by buying one in any computer-store. DVD-rom drives are sold for under $150,- and can also play normal CD-roms.

When you get the same as 7 CDs of software, does this mean that you also have to pay for 7 CDs ?
NO ofcourse not ! As you know TWILIGHT always gives you a lot of software for a low price and this time it even gets better. As you have read you get 7 CDs instead of 2 CDs which is 350% more ! The price of the DVD will only be 40% more than the price of the 2CD version of TWILIGHT !!

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ruff-Next_Gangsta:
As you have read you get 7 CDs instead of 2 CDs which is 350% more !

Does this mean they have 2 find 250% of more crap games and apps?! Don’t get me wrong I really liked TL but I know that U know; the quality of TL really went downhill lately!!!
And I really hope that they will do something about that cause I think they will lose allot of costumers if they keep on selling cd’s (/dvd’s) filled up with bull-shit! Or does the name Twilight sells the cd’s?!

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