Rumor or truth- Linux can copy any cd protection?

I have a friend who says that linux can copy ANY cd protection because he says that the problem with windows is all in the drivers.

I argued that while this may have been true a while ago, that now using raw burning software on windows produces the same (or working) copies. I also argued that this was not the case with the newer forms of protection because the problem was that ANY cd rom drive/ burner would not be able to read the disk (the disk had parts that were either encoded or registered as errors with programs or little parts were missed entrely) and that newer protection also could not be burnt because drives physically cant write the data (except for a few).

Basically is what he was saying true? I think a while ago this may have been true, but if it was true now, i bet i would have heard about it!

Some protections are hardware dependant…running programs under Linux or Windows makes no difference,at least not with Mandrake…:wink:
Mandrake couldn’t copy cd’s that Windows refused to copy…:Z


A bit off the topic, but just want to ask quickly:
Sounds like you have used Mandrake, so would you recommend it as the best Linux OS for a workstation?


Originally posted by CJS
[B]would you recommend it as the best Linux OS for a workstation?

:confused: [/B]

Definitly for Linux newbies like me…it’s easy to install,has a great gui,advanced security settings and supports the latest hardware…:bigsmile:

Cool Thanks !! Quick reply !! :slight_smile:

I think I might go to a Computer Swat Meet tomorrow an get meself a copy of Mandrake 9. I believe it is a 3 Disc DVD set. I still like WinXP Pro, but I just want to venture out a bit without turning to a (sh**) AppleMac… :bigsmile:

CJS,if you wanna try it without partition hassle,install VM ware,this proggy allows you to run Linux within a windows enviroment…no need for resizing or setting up a special partition…:wink:


Thanks a heap for your advice :wink:
I’ll send you a message and let ya know how I went.


Sorry for going off the topic man. I just wanted to hear a bit of feekback from someone who has used Mandrake Linux.

Cheers ! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I downloaded Mandrake 9, and it is pretty sweet. I was even able to install Ogle, which is a DVD player (much better than Xine), and the necessary decss files to be able to play all DVD’s on my Linux box! You may not realize it, but Linux will not play those cool new DVD’s you bought, they are encrypted with decss.