Rumor: Microsoft presents next Xbox (720, Durango) on 21st of May

Rumor: Microsoft presents next Xbox (720, Durango) on 21st of May.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Rumors say that Microsoft will announce the next Xbox on the 21st of May this year. 

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Is it safe to assume that they’ll be made in Mexico?

Everything is “assembled in Mexico” these days.

New box probably also runs on Windoze Blue and requires a touch screen to get past the power on logo.

My guess is that it will be made in China. Also, Microsoft will require you to have a bandwidth of at least 50MB/s. From there, Julie Larson-Green will likely make an announcement, stating that you’ll be perfectly used to the new interface within as little as 6 months. Then the X-Box will receive a “red” update, and users will hope for the best.

I’d prefer it was made in Mexico or any other country other than China if possible… China gets to make just about everything. Surely there are some other low wage countries they can outsource the manufacturing too. If i remember correctly, some of the original Xbox consoles were manufactured in Hungary.