"rumor has it" problem

Hello again. Assistance is needed please. :confused:
When trying to burn a message appears:

Creation of dvd file was not successful:E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB READ ERROR

DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check)

If reading the media has failed, please clean the surface and try again.

I looked at the surface and its scratch free. I cleaned anyway. Still nothing changed. I am using clone dvd 2 with any dvd.

Any suggestions? thank you.

It sounds like your source disc is corrupted. What’s its origin?

Does it makes any differences if you would try to rip with anydvd’s ripper function?

region 1 canada

Sorry. Fairly new at this. Im not really sure how to use any dvds ripper function. Could you please elaborate?

you might have a bad disc take it back… Rumor has it burn on my Player without a problem.

most of the time if it isn’t crack or dirty it a bad sector from where it was made at.

You might of just gotten a bad one it happen from time 2 time.
Exchange it I am sure the next one will read fine.


The ANYDVD RIPPER may not work if one of the sector is bad. if it was damage when it was made/pressed.
i would just exchange it… why go through the extra stress.


Surely a wrong region set.

Or a scratched master copy.

That’s almost two possibilities now. :wink:

Canada is in region1 IIRC.

Back to one, almost… :slight_smile:

Will dvd extreme ever be back on?

thanks so much. 'helpful information is a virtue when ignorance is fresh".

If you mean the dvdrextreme forum for 1-click the answer is that it has been taken over and is now accesible here.