Ruilen tegen psx apps games warez



Ben op zoek naar iets nieuw namelijk de volgende games

1 The Sims
2 POKEMON Trading Card Game
3 Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine (2 cds


Philips Freespeech 2000 NL (2cd)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro nl
Microsoft Encarta 2000 NL (2cd)
Microsoft Encarta Wereldatlas 2000 NL (2cd)

dit heb ik te ruilen

hier mijn lijst psx

Colin McRae Rally from Codemasters - Racing
Cb racing Racing
Civilization 2 Strategy
Clock Tower Adventure Action
Command and Conquer from Westwood - Strategy
Cool Boarders 2 from UEP Systems - Sports, Snowboarding
Cool Boarders 3 from Sony - Sports, Snowboarding
Resident Evil 1 from Universal Interactive Studios
Crash Bandicoot 2 from Universal Interactive Studios
Crash Bandicoot 3 from Universal Interactive Studios
Croc: The Legend of Gobbos from Fox Interactive - Action
Destruction Derby Racing
Asterix Strategy
A bugs life Disney’s
Akuji The Heartless Adventure
Actua soccer 3
Bio ereaks Adventure Action
Bubsy 3d
Bugs Bunny
Breath Of Fire 3 Adventure Action
Air race
Destruction derby 2
Death Trap Dungeons Adventure
Diablo Strategy
Disney’s Hercules Action Game from Virgin Interactive
Doom from Williams Entertainment - Action Shooter,
Duke Nukem Shooter
Duke Nukem Time to Kill from GT Interactive - Shooter
Final Fantasy VII from Squaresoft - Adventure…3 cd
Fighting Force Adventure Action
Fifa 99 sports
Formula 1 from Psygnosis - Racing
Forsaken from Acclaim - Action
Gex Deep Cover Gecko
Gran Turismo from Sony - Racing
Hard boiled
Hard Edge
Hercules adventure
Heart of Darkness from Infrograms - Arcade 2cd
Int superstar soccer
Jet Moto from Sony - Racing
Knockout Kings from Electronic Arts - Sports
Kensei Sacred fist Action
Little Big Adventure
Loaded from Interplay - Shooter, Action
Lucky Luke Shooter, Action
Maximum force Racing
Medievil from Sony - Arcade
Men in Black
Metal Gear Solid from Konami - Strategy
MLB '98
Monaco grand prix 2 Racing
Moto Racer 1 Racing
Moto Racer 2 Racing
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero from Midway -
Mortal Kombat 4
Music codemasters
Need for Speed 3 Racing
Nightmare Creatures from Activision - Adventure
nhl 97
nhl 99
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus from GT Interactive - Arcade
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee from GT Interactive - RPG
PaRappa the Rapper
Pandemonium 1 from Crystal Dynamics - Action
Pandemonium 2 from Crystal Dynamics - Action
Point black
Red alert…2 cd Strategy
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 2…2 cd
Return Fire
re Loaded
Ridge Racer Racing
Ridge Racer Type 4 Racing
Road Rash 3D Racing
Space Jam
Small soldiers
Space Jam
Spyro the dragon
Star Wars Rebel Assault…2 Cd
Tai Fu Wrath Of The Tiger
Tekken 1 Action
Tekken 2 Action
Tekken 3 Action
Tenchu Action
Test drive 5 Racing
The need for speed II Racing
The Lost World: Jurassic Park from Electronic Arts -
Time Crisis from Namco - Action
toca 2 Racing
Tomb Raider 1 from Eidos - Action, Adventure
Tomb Raider 2 from Eidos - Action, Adventure
Tomb Raider 3 from Eidos - Action, Adventure
Transsport Tycoon
Treasures of the Deep from Namco - Adventure
Twisted Metal 1 from Sony - Racing
Twisted Metal 2 from Sony - Racing
Syphon Filter
Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 cd
Street Fighter Alpha
Vigilante 8 Racing
VMX Racing from Playmates Interactive - Racing,
V Rally 2
WarCraft II: The Dark Saga from Electronic Arts -
W.C.W Sports
Wild Arms
Wip out
World Cup '98 France Sports
World leaque soccer 98 Sports
Wrecking Crew Racing
Zub Zero Action

new per 31 12 99
tarzan Adventure
Croc The Legend of Gobbos from Fox Interactive - Adventure
big air Snowboarding Sports
dino crisis Action Adventure
soul reaver legacy of kain Action Adventure
star wars the phantommenace Action Adventure
lengend of kartla Adventure
quake 2 Action
speed freaks Racing
air race Racing
shadow man Action Adventure
wf attitude Sports
fifa 2000 Sports
gta 2 Racing
worms armengedon Action
g police 2 Action Adventure
tony hawks skate boarding Sports
Spyro the dragon 2
Crash Bandicoot ctr
Resident Evil 3
the next tetris
silent hill

new per 01 02 2000

Rock raiders Adventure
Rainbow six Action
Test Drive 6 Racing
Gran Turismo 2 Racing
Medal of Honor Action
Dino Crisis Action
Thrasher skate Sports
Tomb Raider 4 from Eidos - Action, Adventure
street fighter alpha
toystory 2

tw 2+3+20 en 29 tot 43
fhwl 1+2
akira 5

simcity 3000
age of empires 2
seven kingdoms 2
team hospital
rogue spear
c+c tiberian sun
688 hunter killer


Microsoft Office 2000 Premium NL
Microsoft Office 2000 Premium UK
Microsoft Office 97 NL
Autocad 2000
Microsoft Windows 98 SE NL

groeten mil


Deze heb ik wel liggen,
Microsoft Encarta 2000 NL (2cd) Microsoft Encarta Wereldatlas 2000 NL (2cd)


ok doen we


deze titels zoek ik ook nog
1 amsterdoom
2 diablo 2


ik heb ze ook voor je !!


Ik heb :

The Sims
Indiana Jones : the infernal machine
Windows 2000 PRo NL
Encarta 2000
Encarta world atlas 2000

Ik wil van jou wel Carmageddon en raonbow six ( psx )
en freespeech 2000 Nl en diablo 2 als je die al hebt.

De rest kan je kopen of maybe ruilen als je nieuwe titels hebt.

Blade Runner CD’s



wie heeft nog voor mijn

Philips Freespeech 2000 NL (2cd)


Ik heb ze allemaal wel voor je, inclusief Philips Freespeech 2000 NL (2cd)

Als je interesse hebt, meel me op:




ik heb deze alleen niet voor je de rest wel !!
POKEMON Trading Card Game
Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine (2 cds


zoek nog 1 POKEMON Trading Card Game
2 Philips Freespeech 2000 NL (2cd)


weet iemand al wanneer diablo 2
uit komt

grt mil


wie heeft voor de pc
Final Fantasy VIII
Traffic Giant

ik heb te ruilen zie lijst boven aan deze

heb zelf nieuw binnen 26-03-2000

pc games

1 The Sims
2 POKEMON Trading Card Game
3 Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine (2 cds
4 abe’s oddworld
5 baseball 99
6 swat 2
7 amsterdoom


1 Philips Freespeech 2000 NL (2cd)
2 Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro nl per 29/03
3 Microsoft Encarta 2000 NL (2cd)
4 Microsoft Encarta Wereldatlas 2000 NL (2cd)


Cool Boarders 4


tl 44
tl 45



Let this be the final warning !!
please post in english or write [dutch only] in the topic