Rugby Union World Cup (New Zealand 2011)



Anyone into Rugby?
It’s a tough sport played by real men, and once every 4 years, countries from all over the world compete in the Rugby Union world cup. This year New Zealand is hosting the competition.

I love it, there are no one faking being hurt (unlike soccer) to try and get another player into trouble.

At the moment the competition is mid way through the qualifying rounds, and I’ve seen some great rugby already.

Here is the tables as they stand at the moment, and the top two teams from each “pool” after all the teams have played each other in each pool will go through to the next stage of the competition.
Is anyone else following the games?


To be sure! My daughter and I are trying to keep up from here in Germany.

And you can bet your rugby boots she knows who´s gonna win too!

This is her desk (not usually so tidy) with her poster of the All Blacks (the NZ national team)



Rugby is that some computer game you pay on the rug in your living room


[QUOTE=samlar;2604569]Rugby is that some computer game you pay on the rug in your living room[/QUOTE]Nah. It’s an out door winter sport.

American football is based on Rugby, with a bit of soccer thrown in. Both invented in the mid 19th century in the UK.
American football is not as tough as Rugby though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Educate yourself.

The “All blacks”, if they keep their nerve, will be very difficult to beat. If things goto plan, Scotland will play New Zealand in the quarter final. It should be a good match.

Updated result from today
Italy 53 - Russia 17


Have some more education :wink:

Jonah Lomu - one of the best rugby players ever

The Haka - a traditional “war dance” performed by the All Blacks at the start of the game so that the opposing team has to play the first half in trousers they would really like to change.

Note: the English have Morris Dancing


Love the game. One of the few aussies from the southern states who played the game as a kid.

[Woeful effort by our guys against the Irish last weekend mind you.]


Australia was much improved today.

Australia 67-5 USA

From yesterday.
South Africa 87-0 Namibia

There is also some big games this weekend. the pick of them should be [B]New Zealand vs France[/B], and [B]Argentina vs Scotland[/B].

[B]Saturday, 24 September 2011[/B]
England v Romania, PlB, 07:00
New Zealand v France, PlA, 09:30

[B]Sunday, 25 September 2011[/B]
Argentina v Scotland, PlB, 08:30
Fiji v Samoa, PlD, 03:30
Ireland v Russia, PlC, 06:00


Go the All Blacks err I mean Australia :wink:


[QUOTE=slayerking;2604953]Go the All Blacks err I mean Australia ;)[/QUOTE]

Ya have to wait till one of our two sides is out…then you are allowed to support the other one. Right now, NZ supports anyone who plays Oz :wink:


Woo hoo…frog paté…

NZ 37: France 17




WELLINGTON, 25 Sept. - A pressure-packed arm wrestle in atrocious conditions ended in high drama with Argentina defeating Scotland 13-12 in their Pool B match.

They clinched the winning try through substitute Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino with six minutes to play and then held out a resolute Scotland in a nail-biting finish.

The problem now is, Scotland and Argentina have only one more match each in this round. Scotland has to play England which will not be too easy, while the Pumas will have a goal-feast against Georgia. Guess who is gonna miss out :eek:


Well Scotland put the willies up the English today :clap:…nearly took the game, their last in the opening round, and maybe their last chance.
Final score England 16 : Scotland 12. England clawed back and scored a try in the last quarter to clinch it. :rolleyes:

Since Argentina have yet to play their last match, against Georgia, there remains a glimmer of hope: If Georgia win (this is like the chances of finding snowflakes in hell), then England and Scotland will both go through to the next round. But if Argentina make Georgia into spicy sausage meat, then they should go through instead of Scotland. :confused:

It´s a cruel world…ya make yer porridge…ya gotta lie in it. :eek:

On another note, New Zealand expects to say goodbye to the shreds of the Canadian team in few hours from now… :bigsmile:


Nearly being the operative word for Scotland, Our inability to close a game when we’re ahead, and our inability to score a try.

I won’t count on Argentina losing, it’s probably best that we go home now and regroup. We’re a small nation where rugby is not our national sport, and not even second.

England look far from world class, France was even worse.

Look out for Ireland, as far as I’ve seen they are the only ones who could cause a big upset in this competition.


Results from today (the final pool matches)

[B]Sunday, 2 October 2011[/B]
Argentina 25-7 Georgia
Ireland 36-6 Italy
New Zealand 79-15 Canada
Wales 66-0 Fiji

[B]Quarter final games[/B]

[B]Saturday, 8 October 2011[/B]
England v France
Ireland v Wales

[B]Sunday, 9 October 2011[/B]
New Zealand v Argentina
South Africa v Australia

Table of the final pool placings.


I predict

England will beat France easily
Ireland will beat Wales easily
South Africa will beat Australia, but it will be close
New Zealand will slay Argentina



[QUOTE=deanimator;2606233]I predict

England will beat France easily
Ireland will beat Wales easily
South Africa will beat Australia, but it will be close
New Zealand will slay Argentina


Dang…got that completely wrong for the two games today :eek: :doh:

England played like a bunch of pussies…stunned rabbits or something, but not like a team of adult professionals. They were eaten alive by a disciplined and fired up French team. Final score 19 : 12

Ireland went down to Wales. Also a pretty big surprise. The man said that the Welsh players were young and had nothing to lose, so they oplayed with no fear. Well done. Final score 22 : 10

So…all bets are off for the next two games: South Africa vs. Australia, and New Zealand vs. Argentina…

Just kidding…NZ is gonna eat Argentina…wonder if they´ll even have enough men left by half-time to finish the game. Hehe :cool:


NZ 33… Argentina 10. Easy :iagree: :clap:

Australia 11…South Africa 9. Brutal fight to the finish :eek:

So…next weekend, the semi finals:
Wales vs. France
New Zealand vs. Australia

Who´s your money on?


The New Zealand vs Argentina score suggests it was an easy win for the All Blacks, but in fact Argentina made them work very hard for their win, and it was only in the last 10 minutes or so that the All Blacks really took command of the game.

New Zealand for sure missed Dan Carter.

I predict Wales to beat France, As for New Zealand vs Australia. It will be to close to call, but the All Blacks may just do it.


[QUOTE=Dee;2607015]…I predict Wales to beat France, As for New Zealand vs Australia. It will be to close to call, but the All Blacks may just do it.[/QUOTE]

It was a close one for Wales…losing their “Captain Fantastic” Sam Warburton who was red-carded by an over-zealous referee may have cost them the game, but they went down fighting 8 points to 9. They are a force to be reckoned with…but France will not stand a chance against whoever wins in the other semi tomorrow.

My money is on NZ, but Australia can definitely rise to the occasion.

(this will be live online somewhere)


If I had been the ref, I would have yellow carded Warburton. A red card was to much and it spoiled the game so very early on.
Unlucky Wales.

I agree, Dean. France were pathetic today, and will be easy meat for whoever they meet in the final.