Rugby Union World Cup Final

A man rushes into a pub with his dog under his arm.

“You can’t bring that dog in here mate!” says the publican

“The RWC is about to start and my TV just blew up” he says. “I’ve got to watch England beat the Aussies!” he exclaims

“OK” says the publican.

Suddenly, shortly after kick-off, England scores a penalty goal. Well, the dog starts bouncing of the walls, doing a fancy jig and singing. Singing! Everyone stares in amazement.

“Jesus H. Christ!” says the publican. “What does he do if England scores a try?!”

“Dunno” says the man. "I’ve only had 'im three years.

Try to Australia!

No Conversion. 5-0 :bigsmile:

Princess Wilkinson kicks a penalty :Z


Soft Option penalty by the Fairy :Z


Fairy Boy misses a soft option drop :bigsmile:

Can’t hold their drink, can’t hold the ball. HUGE knock-on over the line by England :bigsmile:

Wilkinson lays on the ground, being fitted for a new skirt methinks

Argh! Stupid move by a dumb Aussie forward. No doubt Wilkinson will bang this over

No brainer. Wonder boy gets to kick. Will they ever go for 5 points?

Doh! 5-9

England wouldn’t know what a try is. Their score’s never in a multiple of five :stuck_out_tongue:

OOOH - Australia to kick …

Penalty goal! Doh! :a

puh, no change in score

Larkham back on after being kicked deliberately in the mouth.

he’s bleeding again. England have knives secreted in their shirt sleeves.

Andre Watson, the South African referee, wears women’s clothing. It makes as much sense as some of his calls :frowning:

penalty England. What?! Wilkinson elects not to kick!? Why would the 80 metre distance worry Wonder Girl? :wink:

Larkham must be concussed and the English team have anti-gravity devices in their socks. I can’t explain the Wallabies handling errors otherwise. The threat of knives in the scrums must be over-powering to the front row.

Stirling Mortlock is a boy scout. His hand is constantly on his dick which explains why he can’t tackle.

An English player tripped over a blade of grass. Unfortunately, it was over the try line :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

Argh 5-14