Rufus 3.15 Final


  • Version 3.15 (2021.08.03)
    • Update GRUB to version 2.06
    • Add support for .vtsi files (Ventoy Sparse Image, courtesy of longpanda / ventoy )
    • Add workaround for openSUSE Live ISOs
    • Move default app directory to %LocalAppData%\Rufus\ and always save a log there on exit
    • Fix AppStore version of Rufus not being able to store downloaded files
    • Fix failure to open Syslinux/GRUB files when Rufus is located at the root of a drive
    • Prevent the creation of System Volume Information on ESPs written in DD mode
    • Prevent drive letter assignation to the UEFI:NTFS partition
    • Prevent persistent partition creation errors due to size
    • Wnhance safety checks before running the Fido ISO download script
    • Other internal fixes and improvements