Ruckus and tunebite



Hi, I am new here, I ended up here when i tried searching whether tunebite is legal. I saw the big thread about it, but it didn’t really answer my question because it talked about buying songs for .99 cents and then converting them to mp3. My situation is a little different. I found this software for downloading music that allows college students unlimited access to songs, it is and I downloaded a lot of songs about 1500…Then i decided to put them on my ipod and i realized they were protected (.wma files) Then i bought tunebite to convert them. The license that I had for them said that files cannot be burned, collaborative play not allowed, and license cannot be backed up. Am I safe there? Am I doing anything illegal? Could I get in trouble for doing that because one of my friends kinda scared me today, he told me something about some girl almost getting expelled from school after she got caught downloading P2P from the school server lol! Well…please help me out. Oh and another thing, I am in the US, so laws are probably a little different. Thanks a lot to anyone who responds.


Copying downloaded music that is copywrited is illegal. You cannot copy it if you do not own it. And yes I am in the USA. I hope that answered your question.:clap:


what? I thought you never own the music…Well just to clarify i’m copying it for personal use, does that change anything? People said differently in another thread about napster and such, and with napster it is still downloaded music you are copying with tunebite…is that specifically for USA that copying downloaded music is illegal?


Since you get your music from a legal music service run by the school, there should be no issue obtaining music you are entitled to anyway. The lady who got expelled for downloading through P2P was most likely caught with the illegal tracks either on her account’s storage space or a technician seen the file sharing activity on the Internet logs for her. In the case with the lady, she was not only putting herself at risk from an RIAA lawsuit, but also potentially putting a bad name on the school itself for allowing P2P file sharing. I’m sure there is also a policy in place where a student can face being expelled for using the school’s Internet connection for copyright infringement.

As far as I’m aware of, there should be no issue using Tunebite to convert the tracks to make them compatible with your iPod, so long as you don’t make CD copies of them (as stated in the agreement) or leave any of the converted files on your account’s storage space or any of the PCs. Since you’re entitled to listen to the music as long as you’re a student and you are not sharing out the songs (as the expelled lady likely ended up doing with the use of P2P), I cannot see anything wrong with making them compatible with your iPod. However, as the provider only allows the music to be playable as long as you’re a student at the school, by right you would need to delete all the music you have obtained and converted from the school once you finish up with your course.


i see that makes a lot of sense. I actually couldn’t keep the music even if i wanted to when I finish with school, (unless i keep the converted files) because the license expires and has to be renewed every month or so…
Thanks a lot!!! I feel safe now :)))


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