Rubber duckies to the rescue in glacier research

There were my rubber docky went

If your point is that the enviormentalist’s look
foolish doing this I agree. That was my point in my
soylent green blog. That they are going to far as
well as trying to prove something that most scientist’s
say is natural. Do we[I mean mankind pollutte? sure]
Though well intentioned[and I think they are.] They
are also bordering on the ridiculous.

I was just trying to show how stupid somethings they do are.

Stupid? How about fun?!

Wouldn’t we all like to get to release a thousand(*) rubber duckies somewhere and see where they go?! :smiley:

(*) Why settle for just 90?

Yes and I liked the picture of the duck

While both you guy’s have a point. That’s what
I was saying good intentions over doing it.