RU down again?

I just posted the article RU down again ?.

Recording Underground and its comeback

The RU team spent lots of hours in upping all the stuff again …

So almost the same thing happened to RU as what happened to some time ago…

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Oh, good … It looks like it has just been a server crash :wink: Check the great site !

Indeed RU ( )was down for a few hours. :frowning: But now it’s back online again. The server connection just became instable for a short while. Funny how quickly some people react to a page being off-line. Gives us a good feeling about how much you respect our work. We’ll surely be continuing our services for a long time and bring you the best in CD and DVD mastering software! Greets fly out to all of you who make the CD-R scene big and alive. And I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all uploaders for their software. RU will be expanding a lot in the next few weeks! Yves -SLC- p.s.: N.B. Thanks for your offer, but we’re doing just fine at the server where we’re residing at the moment.