does anyone know what RC mb152-6wt is and what it does and controls, like music?:confused:

Perhaps you could give us more clues on where you’ve seen this? List as much detail as possible. We’ve got plenty of bandwidth to burn up. :slight_smile:

Found this on Google: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Hardware/m9150f-lightning-strike-audio-issues/m-p/131987

Which lead me to:

[I]RTC Accuracy Test - This test verifies the accuracy of the RTC on the motherboard and compares it to the CPU’s clock to determine if the motherboard and CPU clock are too out of sync. This test will uncover problems with system time updates, periodic interrupts, and alarm interrupts. If the test detects errors with the RTC accuracy, it will log the test as Failed and report additional details in the test log. [/I]

RTC in this case, I assume to be real time clock? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_clock

Thanks, my problem is when my computer sets for a few hours, and then I want to play music or videos, (DVD’s) it just spits out pieces. If I play them right away, they work fine

I got this info when my HP health check program ran

Your computer is probably overheating. Open it up and clean out all the dust.

Thanks, but that didnt work either

I figured it out, just put a new battery in;)

worked for a while then started all over again

[QUOTE=Drivhardd;2532197]worked for a while then started all over again[/QUOTE]

Did you ever figure out what the Error Code refers to? I get it when I run HP Diagnostic. RTC is real time clock so I thought it might be the battery but you say that wasn’t a fix.


Overheating and because of that malfunctioning is the answer…