RSSFEED parsing error

Dunno if anyone’s noticed but the RSS feed is having a parsing error with this line:

<title>NTI CD & DVD Maker 6.7 and Dragon Burn 3 released</title>

And RSSReader won’t let me add the channel. Just when I was getting into this whole RSS thing. :frowning:

Hi, I have had similar errors.
Today there was some issue with CD Freaks. The site was down. Whenever CD Freaks is down, it brings my site down if the RSS feed is enabled. If I disable the feed my site comes back.
I have no option but to keep the RSS feed off my site until it is positive it won’t bring my site down. I realise that probably my site benefits more than CD Freaks when I have the tracker active, but I need to sacrifice the tracker if whenever CD Freaks is down it takes me down too.
I appreciate this could be a problem of the code used on my site, but we have used another tracker and whenever they are not online properly it doesn’t take my site down, it merely shows no news. I believe this is how CD Freaks tracker should perform, but so far it hasn’t. It has taken my site down 3 times I know of, and possibly more.
I hope you get it fixed one day, I would be only too glad to put it back up.

Unfortunately this is not something WE can resolve. If the RSSFeed is down it means our servers are down as well. This happens once in a while and unfortunately we are only able to drag the RSS feed info from one server. I would recommend to cache the feed to your own server so in case it can’t find ours it can use that one for a while.