RSS usage



Thanks, DoMiN8ToR, for replying and re-directing me here.

Would it be possible (or am I missing something else?) to have a separate feed for each forum, or at least the popular (ie. recording hardware) ones? I use the RSS feed to give me a quick idea of whether I wish to visit the site offering the feed … or not.

The suggestion & link you provided were exactly what I asked for … but not what I want! (How’s that for typical user behaviour?) I guess what I should have said was a separate feed for each of the recording hardware forums. I’m only subscribed to two, and the way the all-forum feed is presented it’s hard to even determine which forum the post came from.

This is just a “gee it would be nice if…” kinda request, nothing to fret about.


While I fully understand the usefulness of a feature like that and the enormous amount of things we could do with RSS on the forums (Because many prefer it over email alerts) I could not find an easy to implement hack for Vbulletin, nor do we have currently the developer resources to be able to create it ourselves. Any developer that would like to give it a go, don’t hestitate and send me a PM, there’s always work over here :wink: