hi, i hope there are some techies out there familiar with this unit. i’m having a problem with my RSQ 222 karaoke player. this is my spare working unit. it’s 5 years old and has started?(don’t know when as it’s rarely used) lifting the cd platform way too high. its holding the cd tight against the top of the deck and not letting it revolve. the motor’s trying to turn it but it defaults to a no disc message and shuts things down just as it should. when you eject, the deck comes out empty, the cd catches on the lip of the turntable and stays inside the machine. seems like a mechanical adjustment is all that’s needed. i’ve had the thing apart and can’t see anything broken or detatched. the problem is, what to adjust. electronically it all else seems to operate as it should. it’s just the mechanics that are a little out of whack
i’m a qualified electronics tech, now retired. mechanics were never my thing. the lifting mechanism is very simple and doesn’t appear to be controlled or limited electronically. it’s simple gears and cogs. the manufacturer says they don’t keep schematics as the machine is too old! i’m not keen to operate on a trial and error basis, but i’ll have a go if left with no option. it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious to adjust. the users manual has no info on the internals. i’ve emigrated since i bought it so can’t just pop back to the shop with it and rsq don’t have a dealer in france. it’s always been 100% reliable and being pro gear was not cheap so i’m not keen to simply replace it, especially as it’s only the back up. i feel sure it needs some screw or other tightened or loosened until the deck sits level, just a little lower than now. any info/help would be greatly appreciated.