RSJ CD Writer



Is this software any good.
I'm looking for a good packet writing software or something
that allows me to treat the CDr as a giant floppy disc where I can as or as important DELETE files. Also It must allow the CD when
ejected to be readable on all PC cd drives without the need to install software on that machine. The CD should then be able to be written to again.
As far as I know only DIRECTCD does this task, and well as far as I am aware, as I used early vesions of it. Now I have a new Liteon
this software does not know my new drive.
I tried InstantWrite,INCD, and am about to try RSJ CD Writer.
But need to know how good it is for the tasks required, and if there is any incompatibility probs with other software or poor performance etc.

If this does not do the tasks as described above, then what software does ???
Roxio is on to a good thing with directCD, cause i may have to buy the new version (5.0) just to get direct CD:(


it is not a very bad programm…but i would advise Nero and Incd from Ahead.

many people in this forum know a lott of nero and incd and can help you with it.