Rpcde2.exeon Sony DVD burner

I have not been aound much and although I searched, I am having back pain hell so I have no stamina and therefore urge a short quick answer and excuse my not doing my homework.

I have an external Sony 510 DVD burner which is not region free. Can I use Rpcde2.exe to make it region free? Or rather to disable the Region protection if that is more accurate. :confused:

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I have the same burner but haven’t tried that .exe file. I use AnyDVD http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html which works very well.


I also found AnyDVD and it is a wonderful program that surprises me every time I us it successfully.

But thanks for your response. I will stick with AnyDVD.


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I will stick with AnyDVD.


you might also give [COLOR=blue]DVD Region-Free a try [/COLOR] :wink:

Hey, you are there! Glad to see that.

I could never seem to make DVD Region Free work out though. Maybe I can try it again buit it failed on my Sony DVD burners. AnyDVD did work though. I keep thinking I will try DVD Region Free again as I did pay for it <g> as I try to help out startup shareware companies.


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Hey, you are there! Glad to see that.

Yeah. I keep my eye on you - the old KGB school dies hard, you know :bigsmile:

Check your mail as well.

Anyone reading this should be weary of downloading “DVD Region-Free” from Kazaa or similar. Most of the search results returned are actually a virus, so be careful if you don’t have the latest virus definitions installed.

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…should be weary of downloading “DVD Region-Free” from Kazaa or similar.
Knowing Ken, I don’t think this concerns him though.
But it looks like you know better what to be afraid of. :wink:

AnyDVD2004 is now available.

Since the DRU-510A is not manufactured by Lite-ON, RPCDE will not work with it.