RPC2 Vendor Reset tool finished

Usually you only have 5 changes to change the region of your DVD drive. If you have used them all, the only way to change again is to let the vendor reset the change counter for your drive and reducing the number of changes the manufacturer is allowed to issue by one.

Unfortunately most vendors do not actively support this feature meaning that you can only change the counter 5 times and that’s it. Here’s where the NEC RPC2 Reset tool can be used. Once you have no region code changes left, you are able to reset this counter again.

For some hardware dependant reasons it is still recommended to use a modified RPC1 firmware instead.

Care for a linux port ? :slight_smile:

Cool Liggy!

Did you mean RPC1?

Of course :o
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Information will follow via PM.

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NEC RPC2 Reset tool

Will we see support for NEC drives connect by way of USB? :bow:


They should work just like internal drives. If they don’t your external enclosure prevents my tool from sending the necessary command.

Consider that the reset buttons only become active, when the number of user changes left decreases to zero. “Reset” is activated if vendor changes left is greater than 0, otherwise “Global Reset” is activated

It’s not that it can’t send the commands. I have no problems using BinFlash with the NEC connected by way of usb. The Reset tool doesn’t see the device(not listed)


Did you assign a drive letter to your drive? Is an ASPI driver installed on your PC?
Could you compare this behaviour with my Drive Converter. Does this tool recognize your drive?

Is an ASPI driver installed on your PC?
Hopefully not adaptec aspi. It doesn’t see USB drives :slight_smile:

I usually use Nero’s ASPI driver. But if a drive letter was assigned in Windows, it should work too.

Liggy > Thanks for the tool. I’ve seen alota posts in the past here where people have run outa bullets lol

Yeppers, NEC Drive Convert see my 3500 drive just fine over usb… :slight_smile:

Very strange :confused:
I copied this routine from my Drive Converter to RPC2 Reset. It should at least list your drive in the drop down box. I even relaxed a check to add all optical drives to the list. On my PC even my Toshiba DVD-ROM and my Ultraplex 32 CD-ROM are listed although resetting is not supported here of course.

That’s just great news!

Thanks Liggy!

If yah need additional info let me know… :slight_smile:



This tool has just been updated to version 1.1 with support for the ND4550A

“Info űber NECVendorReset” and it is still 1.0 in the new version?! :wink: