My first time on line. Please be patient.
When trying to copy the movie Victor Victoria I was informed to attempt to find the format rpc1. I apparently have, what is called a format on my system that is rpc2. For whatever reason, I cannot copy the damn movie. If there is a possible solution to this matter I would like to know.


Hi Bob, welcome :slight_smile:

What region is your DVD drive currently set to (in Device Manager), and what is the region of the DVD you’d like to copy?

Also, can you please tell us the make and model of your DVD burner - this also can be found in Device Manager.

Could be that you can change the region of the drive to that of the disc, backup the disc, then change your drive’s region back to what it was.

Beware, though: you can only change the region setting on a DVD drive a certain amount of times (4 if my memory isn’t too rusty), before it becomes locked to whatever region you change it to the final time.

Or, you can see if there is an RPC1 (region free) firmware for your drive. However, using such a modified firmware would void any warranty on your drive.