RPC1 region change

Is it possible to change region to RPC1 with recent LiteOn writers? The Settings Utility v1.2.1 does not seem to work with iHAS124 E and iHAS124 F. Any ideas?

Reanimating an old thread.

Is there a reason for changing from rpc2 to rpc1 ?

(ie. Besides having an unlimited number of region changes in rpc1).

Same reason for the existence of region free firmware I suppose. It would have been nice if the Settings Utility was updated to support the latest LiteOn drives.

For the longest time, I rarely bothered setting the region on my dvd drives.

I just use the old DvdDecrypter and set it to only use brute force cracking on all my dvd discs.

The few dvd drives I have which did have the region set (region 1), I use those if brute force can’t crack the title key. In the end, it turns out these *.vob segments which can’t be cracked by brute force, typically are very short video segments which are just blackscreen data or some static still images.

The one weird case where a giant *.vob file’s encryption couldnt be cracked by brute froce, was an audiobook audio-only segment on a dvd-video disc from a tv show.

Does DVD Decrypter still work after so many years?

Definitely. The final version of DvdDecrypter is my primary workhorse ripping program.

The few exceptions are some dvds with extra basketcase drm, such as deliberate bad sectors in cells which are never played on a standalone dvd player. For these basketcase drm discs, I just write my own PSL files to skip over these sick cells which are never actually played.

In principle a region free dvd-rom drive could be manufactured these days without any obvious encumbrances.

Apparently for a dvd-rom drive which can only read pressed dvd discs (both video and data), all the american and european patents have expired already. Nothing to stop anyone from manufacturing such a limited dvd-rom drive.

Though I would imagine this particular patent-free dvd-rom drive would not be very useful, since it cannot read nor write any burned dvdr discs.

I wonder how many people still bother with pressed DVD discs.

The rest of the dvdr patents related to reading/writing burned discs, will eventually expire sometime in the mid-2020s.



I’ve been concerned with this issue for years as well. Which is one of the reasons why, when I buy LiteOn drives I usually only purchase pre-owned in good condition. For desktop drives I stick to suffixes A, B, or C only. I’ve also come across a few -W ones ie. with NEC chipsets which can only be cracked in the Liggy way.

One exception would be a more recent eBAU108 portable drive purchase. I use LtnFlash to toggle RPC off and the drive concerned, manufactured between 2018-19, can still be rendered RPC-1.

However, as a separate issue, LiteOn has removed DVD-RAM compatibility on all recently manufactured drives, including this eBAU108 in question. Another eBAU108 I’ve purchased earlier, however, still has DVD-RAM compatibility. Anyway I’ll discuss this in a separate new thread…

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