RPC then ASPI puzzle ... on LDW-451S

Hi everyone,

I need help with the following:

I have a 451S running under Win98-SE (up to date, clean, no virus, no packet writing). My 451S was performing correctly (I used DVDXCopy, then lately DVDShrink & RecordNow DX to backup my movies and burn data and music discs).

Then I decided to make my 451S region-free. :bigsmile:

Driveinfo22 acknowledged my 451S and told me all about my drive.
LtnRPC started with a warning “Access violation at 00000000. Read of FFFFFFFF” then displayed an empty DVDRPC tab (my 451S is invisible to LtnRPC)

I went to Lite-On, got the latest firmware, and did a sucessful flash from GSB6 to GSB7. GSB7 was confirmed by Driveinfo22 and also by Windows DeviceManager.

Still LtnRPC would send the same warning “Access violation at 00000000. …” and would not see my drive.

So things seemed to stay the same going from GSB6 to GSB7.

From a quick reading on the Web :confused: , I went to Adaptec and got the latest ASPI package (4.71.2) for Win98SE, and installed it. ASPICHK confirms a correct installation.

But now I am in trouble. :frowning:

Driveinfo22 says :“no CD/DVD drive detected”
LtnRPC doesn’t send the old warning message “Access violation …” but still doesn’t see my drive.
SmartBurn says: “no drive detected”
DeviceManager tells me that my drive is A-OK.
WindowsExplorer sees my drive and its contents and launch the correct applications (Windows Media Player for audio, and PowerDVD for .VOB). VOB files can be played that way with PowerDVD.
However PowerDVD when asked to play a DVD, says: “Error Code 8903 0000 . Unknown file format”
DVDshrink recognizes the DVD and displays its label but also says: “encountered an error & cannot continue” “failed to initialize ASPI device”

Please, help me to get my drive back to normal, and may be … make it region free … :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!

uninstall the DVDXCOPY. it’s known to cause conflicts with other software. reboot your pc and see what happens.

Get rid of Adaptec’s latest ASPI drivers. Use ForceASPI to install the older 4.60 version.

LtnRPC (cdr drives only) is not for DVD drives if you use that and do get it to work it will hose your eeprom checksum. you need to use ltnflash 1.24 and its rpc1 setup or one of codes fw patchs.

Sigh…its not worth my time wasting my breath here these days.

If you get “hosed” as KenW put it - PM me.


LtnRPC is safe to use with any Liteon made optical drive. it may not work on some like the LTD-163, I think though.

I hope your right because I think there was ltnrpc app that was breaking eeprom checksum, if its not ltnrpc then , I would love to known what it was.


[/b]Was that the one?

Yes ltnRPC is safe… i used it on my 812s yesterday and no checksum failure

weird though cause in kprobe under region it now says “ERROR in CDB field” but drive worx fine and dvdinfo says region protection is disabled

The “ERROR in CDB field” is normal - its all working as it should be. :slight_smile:

thanks zebra :slight_smile: was alittle worried but seeming it still worked good i considered it a by product

Hi everybody,

Thank you all for helping.

dhc014 gave me the right solution. ForceASPI solved all my problems. Then LtnRPC worked like a dream. My LDW-451S is now region free and … humming … :bigsmile:

Thank you all! I love this forum :cool: