RPC Scheme missing after FW flash


I flashed my ND-3520A drive with Binflash GUI to OFW 3.07 with RPC1 patch and then to Liggy’s 3.07 with RPC1 patch. Flashing process completed successfully. After reboot system couldn’t playback DVDs with region protection (Tried WMP and WMP Classic). Opti Drive Control and Nero Info Tool didn’t show any info under Region Control section (either it was empty or n/a). For curiosity I run RPC2 Vendor reset tool and it showed that drive has RPC1.

Is this normal? Or maybe there are some additional steps required to properly apply RPC1 patch?

Now I have flushed drive back to original OFW 3.07. This time both tools properly showed “Region Control” info.

I would appreciate if somebody could explain why it happened and what would be possible ways to resolve this (and apply RPC1 patch).



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Please read this:

You need to also use a software program that ignores region protection, like the popular VLC.