RPC, Riplock, Bitsetting, Booktype Removers, what else?

Sup fella’s…

I got three dvd burner drives, I specified in proper sub forums in previous posts, that I am curious what all Can I do to PIMP it out…

So far, the firmware I got for my NEC 3550A, LiteOn SHW 160PS6, and my Pioneer 111D, do the following…

  1. Change default booktype/bitsetting to DVD-ROM for all dvd+R media, single and dual layer I hope…

  2. Remove RPC , Region Lock from the drive it’s self

  3. Update speed on riplock since cannot remove completely, makes it faster at least…

What else can I do for my drives to tweak / pimp them out?

Somone told me to set one of my drives to UMD4, can’t remember which one or why, but wondering what good this is, and what else can I do to fully-load these drives out!

thanks in advance~!

( My MAIN goal will be to backup xbox360 games I own, and also backup a very very large dvd movie collection of our family since they are getting scratched and very hard to read, sucks , final destination 2 skips about 15 minutes now on both sides, that dvd is so badly scratched and was one of our best movies, I want to prevent this from happening again, and the 3 dvd’s i’ve backed up so far only play in my xbox1 dvd player, computer dvd players, or my zenith, but will not play in our 10 year old toshiba dvd player, so hence I am coming here to learn, I guess I did not have dvd-rom bitsetting on my NEC 3550A for SINGLE layer dvd is what happened, I am hoping, but anything else I can do to PIMP THE SH1T out of these drives, please tell me , and any software I need for my windows xp professional computers is helpful too! )

Thank you in advance again very much!

I have clonecd, clonedvd, anydvd, all from slysoft, latest versions, and dvdinfopro 4.6, what else i need?

Oh yea, one last question before I forget… is it possible, I have 4 5.25 bays in my computer case, is it possible to put in 4 dvd burners in ONE pc, and be ON THE FLY copying 2 dvd’s SIMUTANEOUSLY with clonedvd ?, or how about burning ripping to the hard drive, 4 dvd’s at a time, and then burning 4 to dvd at a time SIMULTANEOUSLY as well? lol… I know i’m crazy, yes I have enough IDE connections for all 4 drives, I’m just curious how efficient I can do this, I’m gonna hve to back up a few hundred dvd’s from our family collection and would like to do it PERFECT as possible and as fast as possible as well!

Thanks ONE last time :slight_smile:

~JC :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Connect your Pioneer and the Liteon using an 80 wired IDE cable, as these both drives support UDMA4. This will ensure more headroom in data transfer.


…and also correct working in most of all circumstances. :wink:

k cool, and the nec 3550a supports what mode best? was there anything i missed or did that cover evreything to totally pimp out my drives?