RPC problems with LG gsa-t20n ata device

I was bowsing the forums, and since I’m kinda new to these things I posted this on the Newbie place thingie, don’t know if it’s appropriate or not. Anyway.

I was checking out this region 3 -dvd on my girl friends laptop and now suddenly the region 2 -dvds dont work. Device is complaining that I have run out of times I can change the region. Didn’t see that coming!

It would be really nice if you guys could help me!

Im running Acer TravelMate with LG hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-t20n ata device.
I was checking out the MediaCodeSpeedEdit but

  1. it says that it supports LG GSA-T20 and LG GSA-T20N WP03 but NOT just LG GSA-T20N. I don’t know if that’s close enough and
  2. it says it has RPC2 auto reset patch and my device is set to reg 3. You follow?

So, before trying MCSE I’ll hear you out. Any other programs for disabling rpc problems? Any other advice? My girlfriend is actually hellish atm and shes threatning me with an idea of me spending 700+ euros on a new computer for her because of “broken” DVD-player. I don’t have that kinda money. Help me. Please. I’ll buy you a beer if come to Helsinki. Anyone?

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