Roxio's Easy CD Creator to be bundled with TDK drives

I just posted the article Roxio’s Easy CD Creator to be bundled with TDK drives.

On the Roxio website we can read a press release in which they announce that the latest TDK drives (40x and future 48x models) will be bundled with their ‘Easy CD Creator’ software in…

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I think they should consider not bundling any software and sell their drives cheaper … that way customers can have more choices. Those upgrading will have their burning sw installed anyway. :r

if they package hardware with their crappy easy cd creator, they should sell hardware cheaper, because easy cd creator will destroy all your cdrs/cdrws and your operational system, and that’s loss of your time and money. anyway, those OEM versions of software bundled with hardware are always crap. I just remind you of Winoncd, which used to be bundled with plextor drives, but winoncd is crap compared to the PE version of winoncd, so you have to pay for the full version anyway. no need to bundle hardware with software. same thing with games. you buy a gforce card and get some stupid action games you would never play, but you have to pay for them, because they are part of the bundle

Real smart, make one of the fastest drives on the market, bundle it with a software that adds 2 minutes to the burn time… hmm… i used to like YDK too…

Which is the main reason I always buy ‘bulk’. No frills, no fancy wrapping, and no ‘extra’ on the price!