Any of you big brains here know how to disable or force the new Roxio Direct CD “Easywrite” and change to the old Direct CD UDF where you had to format the whole CD-RW to write to it? Easywrite gives me pain, I really hate it. The old stuff worked great. Using Easy CD Creator version

I have an LG 48x24x48x16 4480B on a P4 2.5 Ghz WinXP pro system. I’m great at hacking the registry and system hacking, so if I have to do something unorthadox to accomplish this, I’m all for it. I use a lot of CD-RW’s

I have used nero in the past with great results, however, a newer version of it took out my entire CD-RW/CDROM icon and all recognition of it, I had to restore the system to an earlier time to fix the system, so as of last year I have switched to Roxio, seems they got their problems straightened around untill this Easywrite thing came along.

Any ideas?

Dan puter man