Roxio WinOnCD 5 Power Edition available

I just posted the article Roxio WinOnCD 5 Power Edition available.

Roxio’s WinOnCD 5 PE will be available on 11-15-2001, as stated on the Roxio homepage. Unfortunately, it’s only available in German for now. Earlier versions of WinOnCD have not always had an…

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Older versions never had an English version? WinOnCD 3.8 PE is the ONLY version without an English version. Try installing v3.7 PE and see what happens…

Actually even 3.8 includes an English version. Freaks have you ever used the proggie???

Nope, the 3.8PE version does NOT include an English version. Only the standard version is in English. The interface of the 3.8PE is in English, but the help files and manuals for the 3.8 Power Edition are ALWAYS in German. (but hey, who needs help files and manuals anyway…)

Yes it did contain english if you edited the setup.ini file first and set the language to ask, then it would give you a choice.:4

True, english interface, but NOT english manuals and helpfiles…

Hey, the prog is so easy to use you don’t need a helpfile :7

Yeah, and besides, it’s a Roxio product, so it sucks anyway…<br><br> It tried it (W2K) and totally crashed my PC.

All I see is “NEW! NEW! NEW!”. I guess they kept their tradition not to remove any old bugs, just to provide us with newer and “better” bugs.