Roxio updates Easy CD & DVD Creator Burning engine

I just posted the article Roxio updates Easy CD & DVD Creator Burning engine.

Roxio has updated their burning engine for Easy CD & DVD
Creator 6. While the English version ist updated to, other languages
were updated to The burning engine is used…

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Check their website again. It’s up to v6.2.0.134 for all languages.

Roxio seems to be a little slow on updating their website. On you can still read respective

Well I can tell you one thing, this new update is causing a big problem. After you install the update and when the computer reboots. When my computer gets to the Windows boot screen then it reboots again. And this is happening to alot of people not just me. I have been a long time owner/fan, but now I think I am going to be switching to Nero. At least Nero updates their software more often than Roxio.

I love 6.2 it has some nice features compared with version 5 and Nero 6. Haven’t upgraded to the newest engine though still have 6.2.110 I think and it works fine so I think I will stick with it.