Roxio Update Problems


Is anybody else having problems with the new Roxio update.

I am having problems with Roxio after updating the latest update.

after making an audio cd from mp3 there is sometimes an audible bubbling noise in the background which has never occured before.

Is anybody else havimg this prob after updating as I never had any problems with other updates.



Your problem is still sane compared to mine. The Roxio update for the Platinum edition does not update my suite at all !! So I am stuck to using the OEM version that was bundled with my drive. What a waste to invest in the Platinum version :frowning:

The OEM version has no problems though. I have converted several MP3s into audio CDs. No problem as the one you said. Maybe you could decompress the MP3s before creating the audio CD - that may help. You could use lame or the MAD plugin for Winamp or any of the several other options available to decompress.

Thank u for replying to my query on Roxio.

Before updating to the latest version I had no problems at all when converting from mp3 it is only happened after I updated to the latest version that my problems started.

If yours wont update try reinstalling because I had that problem once and it worked for me.:smiley: