Roxio udf reader

hi gang

im trying to rid my computer of roxio udf reader (udfreader.sys)as it is causing my computer to crash.i now use nero 6.when it crashes(blue
screen)it says this udf reader is the problem.i deleted it from the reg-
istry from my add and remove programs list but it still my
drivers list i have a file that says"udfs".these files are not supposed to
be deleted(they are square,these type of files).is there anywhere i can
look to see if this "pest"is still in my computer?i dont want to get that
blue screen again.thanks


Did you actually try to edit the Registry itself? If not, you may well need to do so-I did. I found that to remove most, if not all, references to both Roxio and Nero it was necessary to do this. Add/Remove does NOT get everything. You can try the FREE CCleaner to help you along.
If you elect to edit the Registry-You do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! Please be sure to make a backup of the Registry along with a Restore Point. This is a dangerous undertaking if you have never done it before-but it generally works.
If you want peace of mind when all done, install a program that is easier to use and does not hog resources. My choice is Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. Others will offer their choices.
Anyone else have an idea?

i looked everywhere for this pest but to no computer still crashes
and everythime it does it says this roxio udf reader is the culpret.any ideas
will be appreciated.


There is a possibility that the file is amongst the “hidden” ones on your system. You can set the “folder Options” to show everything. You should also do a Registry search (in Regedit) for both Roxio and the specific file. Removing ALL associations will help solve your problem.

Follow the removal instructions and it should get rid of EVERYTHING