Roxio Toast 6.1 update disables iTunes integration

I just posted the article Roxio Toast 6.1 update disables iTunes integration.

Yet more Apple news this morning. Although I have never had the experience of using a Mac, I am intrigued at recent press reports about Tiger, the new OS that’s just out, it sounds like…

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They probably want people to use their Napster service instead.

so you bought the music, can only play it on iTunes or an iPod, and can’t even put together your favorite compilation cd. Sounds like Apple is having just too much fun with their MP3’s. Don’t use Mac, don’t use iTunes, and I hate trandy iPods. I think there are too many other products out there to be limited in every way by Apple. :d

Knock your socks off. The more limits you put in, the less people will buy it. Unless it’s hacked. So I vote go for it.:B

Its so easy to use Hymn, whats the problem? Buy the files you want, use Hymn on them and you can use them as you see fit. You dont even need an iPod then.