Roxio to acquire assets of Napster - $5 million in cash

I just posted the article Roxio to acquire assets of Napster - $5 million in cash.

More Roxio news today as jsl reports that the company, especially known for their Easy CD Creator software, announced that they will acquire assets of Napster. Roxio has offered $5 million in cash…

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Napster as a brand name is big. But is it going to be a hinderance rather than a benefit? It carrys a lot of baggage along with it. I really cannot see much use for the name and anything that it is used for will be a poor lie for what it once was.

Hey Cool! Maybe integrated CD-Burning in your P2P!!! This is wonde… wait… Roxio, WTF! :4

buying Napster is just a waste of money, I would think. I mean, lets be real now, it’s a non working program for what, 3 years now? everyone that does file-sharing knows to use the other programs. I think they should just use their resources to make their own thing. but this is just my opinion.

I haven’t heard of anyone speak about Napster in over a year now. I would say that there are a lot of filesharing newbies out there who probably don’t even know what Napster is! Anyway, if Napster ever start going again, I’m pretty much certain that it will never be a free filesharing network again, i.e. like it use to be.